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 Tax Inquiry     September 17, 2021  


Effective April 1st, 2021, and for the remainder of this tax collection season which ends on April 15th, 2021, the Boyd County Sheriff's Office will not be accepting Checks for payment on taxes.  

We will accept Cash, Credit Cards (there is a convenience fee to be paid by the taxpayer), Money Orders or Certified Checks only, unless pre-approved by the Sheriff.



 2% DISCOUNT -   OCTOBER 1, 2020 - NOVEMBER 1, 2020

FACE AMOUNT -   NOVEMBER 2, 2020 - DECEMBER 31, 2020

5% PENALTY -      JANUARY 1, 2021 - JANUARY 31, 2021

20% PENALTY -    FEBRUARY 1, 2021 - APRIL 15, 2021


The 911 FEE included on the tax bill is not subject to the 2% discount.

All County property tax bills are sent directly to the taxpayer.  If you have an escrow account with a bank for a mortgage company and you received this bill PLEASE FORWARD THE BILL TO YOUR MORTGAGE COMPANY IMMEDIATELY.

BAD CHECK POLICY: If your check is returned for any reason, your bill will be reversed to an unpaid status on the records of the Boyd County Sheriff.  Your repayment should correspond with the payment schedule shown on the tax bill.

Prior year delinquent taxes must be paid in the County Clerk’s Office.  Call (606) 739-5116 for the correct amount due.  Separate checks must be made for the current year and delinquent year taxes.  For additional information please see : 

911 Service Fee:  If you have questions about the 911 service fee indicated on your tax bill, please visit the Boyd County Fiscal Court website at or call (606) 739-4134.

Online Tax Payment Minimize

You can pay your 2020 Boyd County Property Tax by clicking the link below.

Boyd County Online Tax Payment

Please note this is ONLY for Boyd County Property Taxes, you must remit City taxes to the city office you reside in.

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Click the link below to access the tax bill search.


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Click for Tax Bill Search


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